Hobonichi Book Only – Discover the sensational Hobonichi

Discover the sensational Hobonichi Techo, one of Japan best-selling newspapers! Hobonichi Techo is more than just a diary, it is designed like a blank canvas to capture the small moments of everyday life. All the text, including quotes and reference pages, are written in Chinese, but the planner pages use standard numbers to indicate months and days, so everyone can use them. No, the Hobonichi ceiling panels do not have a transparent cover. Reference pages: there are tables of measurements, guides to Japanese culture, and other information. Quotes: Fun and inspirational quotes printed on each of the other pages provide some wisdom. Sewing Thread: This flat binding makes it easy and convenient to write on the ceiling. Here’s the Chinese version of the original A6 pocket ceiling – it’s Hobonichi! I’m happy to get the Chinese version in the US. Use it as a diary, photo album, notebook or just a place to write down your thoughts. For a product with more than one copy of the same article, that’s the weight of one product of more than 80,000 real customer reviews. This is a planner in Chinese. JetPens accepts and ships orders. See COVID-19 for more information. I don’t see any defects.