Toy Day – The first thing to do is to find Jingle the

The first thing to do is to find Jingle, the reindeer with the black nose. He will ask her to give gifts to the other islanders to get them into the Christmas spirit. If you’re not the type to come to the game every day, you might want to make an exception today to see all the holiday cheer on your island. If you need help, we have an activity guide with details on where to find the jingle and all the other activities you can do during the day. The festivities start at 5 a.m. on Dec. 24 and last all day – you know the event is live as special music is played on your island. Ryan can recite the first 151 Pokémon in memory order, a feat that he calls his party trick, though he’s so introverted that you’ll never find him around the party. In case you forgot, a reminder that today is the beautiful and magical time of year known as Toy Animal Crossing Day: New Horizons. Are you spending Christmas Eve with Jingle and his friends? Tell us if your island has become a beautiful winterland, and leave a comment below. If you let them play, that’s fine, but I’m tired of doing the daily grind, like waiting for the balloons to multiply in another recipe. It’s been a long time since I wanted to go back to my island, and I don’t see myself now, maybe in a few weeks well, there’s always next year. Not to mention the frozen ground you have to build perfect snowmen for, which in itself is a pain unless you know something. I have to say that the fact that these things are so rare is extremely disappointing, a big disadvantage against the copycat game. And I don’t feel like doing anything else, either, because the rest of the game has become monotonous, too. Ugh, I didn’t get any of those Christmas recipes even though I played every day. I had fun handing out gifts to everyone and swapping a little bit.