FRASES HECHAS – As the desire to include in a list all the

As the desire to include in a list all the idioms and expressions that exist in our language corresponds to the desire to open doors in the field, I leave a selection and a thematic classification. Idioms and phrases are fixed expressions whose meaning cannot be derived from the words that make them up and that must be understood as authentic linguistic fossils. Phrases made with food – Habla Magazine – [ ] Food and food products are also a great source of ideas to create fixed phrases. This is a very important topic for more advanced students, who often do not have the opportunity to learn Spanish as a foreign language in class, and are always interested in learning it. Expressions and idioms that use the human body – Habla Magazine – [ ] is useful for many things. Excellent computer graphics work with Spanish idioms and phrases. Educational jargon, functional language, expressions and idioms – [ ] from my head. If you still have problems with your password, you can find more information in this FAQ. Trying to learn them by heart seems to me a real madness and the best way to capture these expressions, which are at least funny and refer to reality in a different way. Trivial social skills, double meanings, clichés, images, jokes, sayings, jokes – excellent material! But I wanted to warn you that a definition in the idioms with body parts is in the wrong place. I tend to use and abuse proverbs and idioms, and I’ve been thinking for a while about something like what you did. Thank you very much for that excellent work. Extraordinary computer-generated images! Just one observation, “having something on the tip of your tongue” appears in the foot area, and “having your feet on the ground” has a different meaning than the real thing. You have to dig deeper into the idioms before you can claim to be making better ones. I am a college professor in California and this semester I “taught” my students different idioms and placements.