Xbox One – Escape from the Whitlock Mansion: The Whitlock

Escape from the Whitlock family grabbed Clea in the mansion. Discovery of Whitlocks Family History: The Whitlocks line is full of dark memories. Clea must escape from the Whitlocks Mansion with “her” brother in tow. Remove the balls from your memory and discover their family secrets with additional chapters. Mother and father experimented with the servants of chaos, but now the monsters have been released. Chaos servants on hunting. They look for important objects and solve puzzles to keep them away from the outside world. Their skills and actions will determine the fate of Clea. Listen to their footsteps, look under the doors and stay away, away from the outside world. Do not be afraid to jump. There are no prescribed fears, I promise you. Take care of yourself, Clea. The people closest to you can be a real terror.