Awesome Guys – Joel has been involved in independent games

Joel has been involved in independent games for the past seven years on several websites, including, Siliconera, Gamasutra, Warp Door, CG Magazine and others, and over the past seven years has written books on Undertale and P.T. Joel is constantly looking for digital experiences that transcend the boundaries of what games can be and that seek to immerse themselves in the creative process, meanings and emotional work of artists from around the world. On the other hand, since we are developers and we know what independent developers are going through, we also want to help with the design tips, because I am a big fan of “Designing Thinking About Marketing”. This week we met Nicolae Berbece of Those Awesome Guys for the profile of our publisher and discussed how they can limit the worsening of social media and promotion. So, at the beginning of the year, I thought we could focus more on marketing and relieve developers of this huge burden so that they could focus on game development. We like to see developers with well-designed release platforms, but at the same time it might mean they already know what they’re doing, and the next thing they know is that they’re asking for $400,000 from a team of 2 for 4 months. We developed our game from scratch and posted it on the PC, and our marketing activities were supported by many industry representatives. Nicolae Berbece, founder of Those Awesome Guys: Heyoo, is Nicolae Berbece, founder of Those Awesome Guys, the study behind Move or Die and recently editor. This means that the developers we work with should be open to developing the game with us. On the one hand, we are looking for games that offer something interesting in the field of design. That’s why at the beginning of this year we released our first game, Monster Prom, which has successfully destroyed our sales forecasts to three months for the first 48 hours. The problem is that from time to time we come across a game that is very good, that we like, but that clearly we do not sell. This is very delicate, because we all have to go through this “This is my baby! We participate in events to help with the stands and we maintain good relations with platform owners and service providers such as localization, portability and testing companies.