Wait — So – The adjectives describe a property or

The adjectives describe a property or characteristic of a noun, nouns describe other nouns and indicate type or category. Password – If きれい is a noun in this example, how can you change another noun? It turns out that nouns can change other nouns, but not like adjectives at な. Words that tend to look at the noun side of the spectrum are usually used to indicate which noun they change. So we like to think that these words exist in the adjective spectrum at as shown in the figure and diagram below. The fact that nouns and adjectives exist in the spectrum allows us to do interesting things with these words, such as turn the font inside out and use unexpected nouns in the form of an adjective. However, many words tend to be used when a noun changes, which can be an adverb. While a label should tell us what kind of noun it is, a descriptive adjective is beautiful just to give it a more specific meaning.