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One hundred and twenty feet to the summit, Hilary and Tenzing had to go over a difficult near-vertical wall that clung to a cliff over 3,000 feet long. Finally, at 11:30 a.m. on May 29 1953, Tenzing and Hilary climbed to the summit of Everest; the roof of the world was conquered. From Kathmandu in 1953 an expedition led by an Englishman, Sir John Hunt, set out to summit Everest for the first time. The expedition also included the great New Zealand mountaineer Edmund Hilary, who, along with Sherpa Tenzing, was to play a leading role in the final assault. The oxygen limit is 6400 meters, above which special equipment is required. In the Himalayan valleys the Sherpa tribes set up their camps, they belong to the Tibetan race. The highest point on the planet has always been a temptation for the most daring climbers. The first step of the expedition was to hire 20 Sherpas to carry the backpacks. The capital of a small state is the starting point for those seeking to conquer the summit of the south side. Everest, the giant of the Himalayas, lies between Tibet and Nepal. The Sherpas live off the yaks that provide them with food and clothing. And because they are accustomed to heights, they are ideal porters for the expedition to the summit. These brave climbers are capable of carrying loads weighing up to 40 pounds. Mount Everest, the roof of the world. Sorry, something went wrong on our end, please try again later.