Pixel Remaster ” – Apparently these will be 2D versions of

Apparently, these will be 2D versions of the games, which makes the Final Fantasy 3 and 4 updates released last week make a lot more sense. Last week, Sean Musgrave spotted ave spotted a strange update for the Final Fantasy 3 and 4 games on iOS, which we reported on at the time. Square Enix updated both games with new titles and app icons that clearly indicate that these are “3D Remake” versions of the games. This is odd, since these games have been on mobile devices for several years, and it was always clear that they were based on 3D remakes of the Nintendo DS. Also, for the first time, the original Final Fantasy 3 will be released in English, which in itself is very interesting. Have the original graphics been tweaked a bit to accommodate modern conveniences, such as widescreen support? A new design? A strange hodgepodge of old and new art that doesn’t seem to fit together at all? Anything is possible. Given the very uneven quality of remasters of previous Squeenix games, this could mean almost anything. Some features of XenForo, created by Audentio Design. Developed by Audentio.