Donkey Kong – This gives the process a much simpler and

This gives the process a much simpler and more direct Galaga feel as Stanley moves left and right on a plane to eliminate the beetles and throw Donkey Kong backwards. The shooting game differs from the original Donkey Kong 3 game in that it eliminates raised platforms that allowed you to choose Stanley’s vertical height. In Donkey Kong 3 – now the 35-year-old NES port – Stanley’s buffoonery has transformed Donkey Kong’s gameplay into a kind of shmup. Of course, it’s not Mario, but it smoked more up Donkey Kong’s ass than the plumber who jumped. Progress on Dai Gyakushū is like a journey; you travel through places with different names, starting with On the Highway, through On the Strange Bridge, and then On the Country Road. The ensemble has a pleasantly dark appearance that gives it a rather thick atmosphere while maintaining a touch of Nintendo varnish. This follows in this respect, but the additional pressure to drive DK away means that the values take some time to dissipate and require a lot of attention for any hope of success. I’ll avoid the obvious and childish joke, but it can be a bit irritating to have to position oneself very carefully given the wandering and arcadic nature of the game. Every few levels there is a bonus level that instructs you to kill all the insects in a formation while flying – even more so Galaga Shadows. In that sense, it’s a bit less authentic Nintendo – and less authentic when you get to The Aliens with its clickable and a bit shocking wallpaper. The particularity of this game is its relatively fluid gameplay and clear appearance. Stanley the Bugman is not respected enough. It is a challenging, rewarding, beautiful and fun game.