Kim Se-yeon – Kim Se-yeon 19 better known as ‘his’

Kim Se-yeon, 19, better known as ‘his’ nickname ‘Geguri’, a poorly written Korean word for ‘frog’. “He was born in the South Korean city of Daejeon and started playing with ‘his’ mother when she was only 5 years old. “The only thing I learned after hacking is that you should never accuse anyone without proof,” explains Geguri, who talked about a TIME translator. “As the only player in the whole competition, I think there are many people who admire me and see me as a role model”, says Geguri. In 2016, when Geguri became famous in the small leagues of Overwatch for her impeccable purpose, she was accused of using fraudulent software with automatic targeting, in other words. Today, she plays for the Shanghai Dragons in the Overwatch League, a professional electronic sports competition produced by developer Overwatch Blizzard Entertainment. This is an appropriate role for Geguri, a rare woman in a male-dominated world who had to distract more from her part of the attacks. Who doesn’t want to be paid all day to play video games? Being a professional electronic athlete seems like a dream job until you realize how deadly it can be. But he is increasingly aware that he has a role to play in the world of competitive electronic sports that goes beyond winning games. Geguri was released after an investigation by the American game developer Blizzard. Brinson+Banks for TIMEKim’Geguri’ Se-yeon in the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California. Several players who campaigned for these attacks left the Overwatch scene shortly afterwards. Geguri refused to take on the role of pioneer.