Surprise Mechanics – Kerry Hopkins mentioned this when he

Kerry Hopkins mentioned this when he told the British parliamentary committee that his company sees looting as a “surprise mechanism”. “Because looting is a treasure trove in all the examples I have just described. There is usually no limit to the number of cash drawers you can buy and open one at a time, where you can find and search treasure chests or bosses in Borderlands let alone play the game. Kerry Hopkins, vice president of legal and government affairs at EA, took 15 minutes of fame online, spoke out against the term “bitbox” and instead suggested the term “surprise mechanics” as an alternative. But at the same time, he deliberately forgets how much bitboxes differ from other sources in games and why the legislator is interested in them now. Hopkins even directly compared the outer boxes with eggs or other toys that parents like to buy because they contain sweets or random prices. He accidentally decides what players will get after killing their enemies or opening treasure chests, and this loop becomes very convincing. Robbery boxes are often sold as elite opponents in Diablo or as hidden dungeons in Skyrim that are not. In some games, players buy boxes with virtual coins that hide the amount of real money spent. You are looking for the next elite or treasure chest because you have learned that killing them gives you a good service. But no, the draw and other random purchases in the game are not exactly the same. Hopkins’ answer seemed unsatisfactory because he seemed to be a painful corporate language, which did not directly address everyone’s concerns about looting. This is different from whether they are ethical or not, and that’s the problem: we need to study and analyze them separately from other robberies. But the research has also shown that this cycle can be studied more rigorously and quickly when we sometimes have only fantastic prey, and the rest of the time we have nothing special or special. And if you want to focus on this in a more modest way, it is the fall of a predator.