Spectacular – TouchArcade – In addition to this audio

In addition to this audio podcast, we also produce a video version of the same program that is exclusive to Patreon, so you can see us play the games we’re talking about. For those who are curious, you can visit our public newsletters to watch the older episodes of the video podcast. Sponsors can view the final video episodes of the TouchArcade Show by clicking here. This week’s episode of the TouchArcade Show will focus on all the amazing things that have come out of the WOOS. We talked about many of the new features of the iOS 13, iPad OS, because we are pleased that the iOS devices are now compatible with the PS4 and Xbox One controllers. Create, transform and release undead servants to destroy the human race with their evil plague. But beware, they are defending themselves! Humanity is looking for a cure, and when that happens, it’s the TOP GAME. This would have been a turning point ten years ago. Now? Let’s see this. It causes chaos and disaster with customizable zombies and a powerful arsenal of tricks and traps. If you like what you see, remember to become a fan of TouchArcade Patreon. Infectonator 3 is a game in which you can control a zombie treasure. The next Infectonator franchise title is now available on all your iOS devices. Some features of XenForo developed by Audentio Design.