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Running and jumping is a pleasure when the controls are great, and the death room has great controls! Enjoy a carefully tuned game that makes every step, every collision, every decision reacts and has fun. I haven’t had time to play yet, I’ve tried everything: rebooted the game, updated it, rebooted the phone and checked if it had the latest updates. The game is amazing, given the screenshots, but it doesn’t even seem to be able to open the title screen on the new iPhone models. The game also makes you want to play fast, but when you meet an enemy, you don’t immediately pick up items that fall on you. Want to escape from death row? If you succeed in more than 3 levels of betrayal, you will be rewarded with an intense battle with your boss and a satisfactory and mysterious conclusion. Be brave and enter the Hall of Death, where a monstrous stain will be on your heels when you leave this sad cave. I like everything about this game, and I think I want it to be even better if I can get to the second level. It’s a fun game, but I’d like to see a horizontal version. Get ready for a lot of training, because it’s not easy to overcome the devilish trials that await you in the death room. I hope this will make the game more exciting. The first day of purchase – the developer continued to hear feedback from players, fix bugs and refine the game. After support: The game was set up 100% for me in a day. Probably the best game released on iOS all year round and one of my favorite games. Please, let’s throw “gems” or what your player touches first after jumping over their head. An interesting points system where you can multiply your final score, skillfully performing, suffering minimal damage and never slowing down. Enjoy the game the way you want.