Industry Con – The exhibition which includes the

On the physical side of the show, the first annual Tabletop Network event is a two-day event in Snowboard, Utah, on June 8-9, 2018. For those who want to learn more about the board game industry but can’t participate in the panels here and there, this is your chance to attend a board game conference at home or in the office. The first models published include What’s Food and Nightmare Cove, and development credits include Letter Mascot, Boomtown Bandits, Shining*Kitty and Tribal Rise. Go to the menu section, create a menu and select the newly created menu in the Subject Location field on the left. I’ll tell you what I’ll find there, but for now I hope you’ll come with us. I like how this hobby grows and develops, and conferences like this one are very exciting. The following two tabs change the content below.