Mojo Bones Is – Chrono Faction will make good use of the

Chrono Faction will make good use of the Switch hardware capabilities. Stuart Ryall’s studio sent us a beautiful image of the game running on the arcade device and Nintendo’s tiny console. In 2013, Nintendo showed off developer Mojo Bones’ Siesta Fiesta on the 3DS as part of the Indiecade Showcase. The following year, we saw it at the Nindie event after E3, and we loved it in our review. Whenever I hear the announcement of a new game with the word “Chrono” in the title, the first question that comes to mind is whether it has anything to do with Chrono Trigger. Chrono Faction’s 1-on-1 gameplay was also designed to take advantage of the Switch’s multiple hardware configurations. Now, several years and a generation of hardware later, the studio is gearing up for a return to Nintendo on the Switch. It was a fun game that took the idea of Breakout and spiced it up with creative side-scrolling and boss fights, all in a stunning visual environment. It was a good example of a studio’s ability to take an arcade concept and develop it in different stages. Tom has been in the video game industry for ten years, mostly writing about it or struggling to sell indie games. Siesta Fiesta was a great game! I think I would buy it again on Switch. We’ll keep you posted as we get more details. So, what is it? Below is the announcement we received, and readers are encouraged to register their interest in the multiplayer beta. I love reading, writing, hunting Capcom’s fiercest monsters and watching baseball. I tried to look up what they were doing a few months ago, but couldn’t find anything. Glad to hear that Mojo Bones is alive and well. 2021 Nlife Media, subsidiaries of ReedPop.