Golf Review – Surprisingly the game tells you very little

Surprisingly, the game tells you very little about where the target is in each level, and since some corridors branch off in different directions, it is often impossible to complete the task within the allotted number of shots, since sometimes you spend four or five just to find the target. Other surfaces are also poorly implemented; one such level is in an all-glass corridor, but since the glass doesn’t look like what you’d expect, the developer has even included the words “glass walls and ceiling” in the level itself to warn you about this. This is one of the most poorly designed and unfinished games we’ve ever played on Switch, and the golf gameplay feels like it relies almost entirely on random luck rather than skill. It’s a frustrating experience from the start, and there’s no real incentive to play through forty-plus levels of the game other than a morbid curiosity. To take a picture, simply press the ZR key until you reach the desired power level. The power indicator is located at the bottom right of the screen, but there is no guide or marker indicating where your shot might land. Unlike normal golf games, your target is not a hole in the ground, but a golden pole. This is ridiculous and makes lining up each shot quite a challenge. This is not because the protagonist’s eyebrows are constantly furrowed, but because of the feel of the game as you play. Angry Golf is a bunker buster. Angry Golf is probably the most appropriate name for a video game. The graphics are unappealing, and every shot is a chore we wouldn’t wish on anyone. In short, it’s a game that will make you boil with rage. As you move the camera, the space around the balloon disappears and reappears, flashing constantly for a few seconds.