Asking Switch Developers – Instead I want Nintendo to

Instead, I want Nintendo to focus on improving performance with the upcoming changeover review so that games can perform optimally with a stable minimum of 1080p 30FPS, 1080p 60fps. After reading the article about the SoC chip Xavier when Nintendo installs this chip, I see a new change that changes the Sony PS4 to 4K for games and tells external developers to have 4K support in their bundles. There are always people who try to put change in the box and make consoles, but look around you outside the game’s smartphones when you’re on the move. You updated your console with a 1080p screen and some LQ improvements for games on the same level as the Docked Switch. All I care about is that Nintendo will create “new” games with Docked Switch that are not compatible with the original models. This may have more to do with your next system than with the Docked Switch update, but this is quite absurd as all other Docked SwitchPro’ games released in the last 3 years. This doesn’t mean that 1080p 60fps is obsolete when Nintendo points to the 4K Docked Switch. I think Nintendo MUST do something with the Xbox series on the horizon for $299, with VERY much more power than the exchange, for less money. Rumors that the “Switch Pro” is refusing to quit as Bloomberg reports that Nintendo has asked outside developers to make sure its future games are compatible with 4K, another important sign that the more powerful version of the “Switch Pro” is on the way. Excuse me, but who pays for the new switch, only 4K, when the Xbox series stands like a normal switch and has modern graphics? I still don’t believe the rumors about “Switch-Pro”, although we had a one-in-one launch every year after the switch was launched, even the year it was introduced. 2 options: Nintendo should lower the price of the MASSIVE switch or make a better overview + lower the price of current models.