Kings ’ Cake – Anyone who has tried making a yeast recipe –

Anyone who has tried making a yeast recipe – whether it’s bread, cinnamon bread or roscon de reyes – knows that it’s important to measure correctly, to be careful and not to underestimate the time it takes for the dough to rise. If you want to learn more about baking, go directly to the roscon de reyes recipe in English or Spanish. Argentina makes a similar cake on Epiphany and Easter, Rosca de Pascua, and Portugal makes a royal cake, which is eaten from December 25 to January 6. Butter and sugar mixture is added to the dough, and everything is whipped until the dough is smooth. While the dough is paused, the sugar is mixed with the butter, and this mixture is whipped until it is creamy. In fact, most Spanish families do not open their gifts for Christmas as they do in the United States. Although more and more people open their gifts for Christmas and Reyes, the tradition was that gifts were exchanged on January 6, not December 24 or 25. “[The pie is eaten] to commemorate Epiphany, when three kings came to Jesus and gave “him” their gifts,” Coach Tania said. When some 1.86 million Spaniards settled in America in colonial times, they brought rock music with them, and thus rosca de rice was born in Latin America. They beat everything until the dough was elastic and a little sticky. They add a little flour around the well, just enough to make a thick dough. When the dough is folded, make a plastic wrap and open the dough. When the dough has softened, add the brandy, orange peel, a pinch of water and large eggs.