Arcade Heroes DODONPACHI – The name CAVE has long been

The name CAVE has long been associated with the video game scene, Akai Katana and DoDonPachi SaiOuJou, the newest games released in the “coin-op” format. I am a huge fan of video games, and since 2008 I have had my own game room The Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, Utah. Bullet Hell Shooter and CAVE fans are excited that one of the biggest names in the genre has returned to coin-op format with the release of DODONPACHI TRUE DEATH EXA LABEL on the exA Arcadia platform. I don’t know if this label has ever received an open theater in the U.S. or Europe, but unfortunately bullet shooting is a big success outside of Japan, as most video game fans now prefer casual content. There is also a special limited version of the EXA board that accompanies the game, and some other DDP gifts, although I heard that pre-orders for this game are almost complete. Also, this special game is probably the most successful and popular STG of all time, so there is no better way to strengthen the genre than to enjoy it with one version. From what I heard, this game worked exceptionally well in Japanese localization tests and easily landed near or near the top. The increased level of difficulty behind most of the schmoops makes it difficult, in my opinion, to accept the genre on the market, so it seems that exA has done everything possible to resist it. There have also been other changes, such as the addition of a new battleship and a new character representative. Again, this is only 2 frames back, which is identical to the original version in the game room.