Language Blog Era – It was so his pain that he did so much

It was so his pain that he did so much that he couldn’t control his tears and started shouting “Oh, my children! After a few minutes, he drowned. La Llorona became such an icon of Mexican culture that we painted “she”, suffering in songs, and scared our children to behave well. What I like about this version is the versatility of this song for different voices and musical styles. Some say that history goes back to the Aztec Empire and that La Llorona was one of the goddesses who walked among the cries of the living. One of the most famous stories or legends of Mexico is the story of Llorona or a weeping woman. I am a writer, reader, language teacher, traveler and gastronomy lover! Now I live with my husband Ricardo, our cat Mona and dog Lisa in the Netherlands, and the experience was phenomenal. Click on the link in the email to confirm your request. No young man in Mexico will be complete without a mother using Llorona to scare you. Others say that this story was popularized by the church to scare people and bring them closer to the church. Soon after they got married, this passionate couple had their first child. Chaveila interprets the song very beautifully because her song reflects the melodramatic atmosphere of the song.