Indie Games – The next adventure of the NAPS team an

The next adventure of the NAPS team, an independent Italian promoter, was full of ambition from the first moments of the caravan. It features many dungeons to conquer, characters to know, and a world open to explore. Specific information about the competition is scarce at this time, but while the team’s reptilian journey, which began with the competition, may continue with Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Jet Set Radio fans have something to be excited about this year. It promises puzzles, exploration and a touching story, making it an exciting game to keep an eye on before its release on Switch and PC this year. In this special edition of Goomba Stomp’s “Indie Games Spotlight” bi-weekly report, we highlight some of the most exciting games you can expect to see this year. Follow a young man on an epic journey to save his house, featuring 3D action and exploration like Zelda with stunning mobile graphics that would suit Studio Ghibli games like Ni no Kuni. RPG Garden Story has long been at the top of many independent fans’ wish lists, and it looks like it will finally blossom into its final version this year. French independent studio Un je ne sais quoi’s next adventure presents a surprisingly well executed watercolor aesthetic that looks like a playful painting. With Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, the reptilian team wants to capture all the funk, style and attitude that created the classic “Jet Set” cult games — and, of course, even called on the series’ original composer to work on the music. But as the sun sets on 2020 and a new year looms on the horizon, it already feels like 2021 will be another big year for independent gaming. There’s probably no independent game that will generate as much anticipation for 2021 as Hollow Knight: Silk Song. This year Between Us and Fall brought the world together, while Hades rose to the top of the charts with some of the world’s biggest publishers and was a serious contender for Game of the Year. Boyfriend Dungeon has been interested for years, but it looks like it’s finally ready for “its” big date this year on Switch, PC and Mac. It’s an elusive title since it was revealed, but with the Cherry development team recently beginning to release more information, it looks like the release of Silksong on Switch, PC and Mac will come sooner rather than later. Independent developers continue to push the boundaries of story and gameplay, so there are plenty of exciting games on the horizon this year in just about every genre. Zonneas is the next game from the creators of the masterful Hyper Light Drifter for 2016. It takes the solid foundation of its predecessor and brings “it” into the third dimension.