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Our little site, based in Croatia, has been online since March 2012. It’s run by two people with a passion for indie games who want to inform you about computer game bundles, free Steam and other free-to-play keys, digital game deals, and indie game reviews. From creating games in popular styles–including RPGs strategy games, action games, and more–to Web development, mobile apps, informatics, and machine learning, the skills you learn can be extended to provide a solid foundation for future projects. With this new software package from Humble, you’ll master the world’s most popular languages and create real-world projects that will appear in your portfolio. The Humble Intro to Code 2021 software package is available Thursday, March 18 through Thursday, April 8. Learn the basics of sign language, from the alphabet to advanced gestures such as medical emergencies, with this 75-hour package. At Humble Bundle, choose your price and increase your contribution to the bundle upgrade. The minimum purchase price for this bundle is 1 euro. IndieGala offers a free download of Little Kite, a point-and-click adventure about a tragic night for a troubled family. Usually the full software price for this bundle is $1,400. Get software projects such as Python Programming for Beginners, Building an Action RPG in Unreal Engine and C++ Fundamentals. Buy this indie game while it’s still free and keep it forever. IndieGameBundles is the world’s first bundle aggregator. The need for American Sign Language Speakers continues to grow.