Each item is very detailed: give a definition show the

Each item is very detailed: give a definition, show the order of indents, give sample sentences, show the value of each kanji and add notes. With 910,000 entries, 150,000 sample sentences, and plenty of features that make learning Japanese easier, it’s an ideal tool for anyone learning Japanese. Find words in English or Japanese by using hieroglyphs, selecting radicals or drawing kanji. New updates, including the addition of a “normal” word tag and the ability to record any dash order, have made this app even more convenient. When I remember a new dictionary, I like that most words have a few sample sentences. Our Japanese handwriting recognizes any indent order. – The words in the sample sentences are related to definitions. I have tried many Japanese dictionaries, and Midori is definitely my favorite at the end. Great functionality, minimalistic but easily recognizable design, good speed and the best kanji writing I have seen so far. Each entry shows the measurement, value and distribution of kanji. I use almost every function of this application every day, from learning the vocabulary to finding words I don’t understand. Each entry has readings, meanings, and example links. – There are over 730,000 Japanese brand names, place names, company names and product names. – More than 6000 kanji with linear graphics and animation. Adding phrases to other words can make this beautiful application even more remarkable.