Xbox Series X|S – Master the technique of climbing the wall

Master the technique of climbing the wall of jumps and temporary cuts for your hero to save the great kingdom. Don’t forget to hold the pieces of a knight’s heart, your life depends on it! Overcome giant bosses and discover secrets that will lead you to unknown paths to find more heart pieces to continue your amazing adventure. Rewrite your fate with your trusty sword, young knight: a kingdom depends on it! The Bugler Knight brings back the golden age of arcade games in a retro 2D platformer style that leaves nothing to chance. One little mistake can throw you off as you make your way through 32 levels that offer a variety of challenges, from fireball skeletons to poisonous snakes, spike traps, lava pools and more. Accessible and responsive controls guide you through an area of jumping, air-jumping and slashing. Horned Knight is a 2D platformer in which, as a hero knight, you must overcome all fears, enemies and traps. Step into the shoes of the hero knight and use your sword to free the castle from the monsters and undead lurking in the darkness. In Knight Bugler, calculated movement and maneuverability are key. Microsoft affiliate commissions can be earned by clicking on a link and making a purchase.