Zero – Beta – Population Zero is a new and ambitious

Population Zero is a new and ambitious multiplayer adventure with PvP and PvE in which you and hundreds of other players are trying to colonize another planet. Population Zero”, previously introduced in Alpha’s Alpha Beta Gamer alpha version, is the new high-end MMO, focused on fighting, reconnaissance and discovery. We also have 50 beta versions of the zero population keys! To participate, just follow one of the actions in the widget below. It also offers deep craftsmanship, technical research and basic construction capabilities that will allow you to create life on another enemy planet on your terms. The Zero Population has a deep RPG character development system with a wide range of benefits, capabilities and weapons. Play on a beautiful but dangerous alien planet full of aliens, like a soldier on a spaceship that you can explore, fight or even be friends with. Free trial versions of alpha and beta video games. The winners will be notified on September 2.