Search Engine Watch – The widest range of payment methods

The widest range of payment methods offers its customers voucher services, online software stores, cash registers and other services. If you offer your customers a wide range of payment instruments, create a separate section for bank cards, a separate section for e-money and a separate section for payments via mobile phone operators. The visitor can access the category page in one of three ways: from the home page, from the search, from the advertisement. If a category has hundreds of articles and there are only 10-20 product records in the adjacent categories, this means that a large section has to be subdivided or a handy filter has to be created for the most important features. The left bar is suitable not only for product categories, but also for news, promotional items and possibly the best products: the benefits of shopping. The survey also showed that many customers do not understand why they need to register with an online store to buy something, while offline stores do not need to register to make a purchase. Talk to customers in your own language and eliminate refusals in the collection and payment phases, additional call centre costs and other consequences of misunderstandings. Since a person’s eyes fall in the middle of the page for the first time, it’s best to attract “your” attention with a brilliant thematic image of the main product. Anyway, it should be noted that even payment service providers, let alone shops, often use completely different terms to describe certain “payment reality” phenomena. The buyer should not be distracted by unnecessary information and should not leave the payment method selection page. If you are redirected to the homepage or folder, the links must be correct and functional. Therefore, page 404 should not lose at least one user, but redirect him/her to another useful part of the site. When the visitor has opened the product file, the most important thing “he” wants to see here is a good picture, a price, a button to buy. Then we will give you some tips to make the payment method selection page as efficient as possible.