Mid-Autumn Festival – People think that this conveys a

People think that this conveys a feeling of perfection and happiness, which is the main reason why people enjoy the moon during the festival “Mid-Autumn”. It is said that the moon is closest to Earth on the night of mid-autumn festival, and that is where the moon seems to be the biggest, thickest and brightest. Lanterns enhance the atmosphere in the night of mid-autumn, while people enjoy the moon. So the next night people like to invite their relatives and friends to enjoy the moon again, which is called “hunting for the moon. This is one of the reasons why the moon is so important in Chinese mythology and especially during the Moon Festival Since the year also includes September, the Chinese begin to take part in the next mid-day party. To give you an idea: adults often enjoy different kinds of moon pies with a good cup of hot Chinese tea, while young people walk with lit lights. Moon pies are shaped like moon to celebrate the night, which means happy cake reunion. It can also be a romantic night for lovers who shake hands on the river banks and benches in the park, in ecstasy with the brightest moon of the year. Eating moon pie is the main application in all of China, because everyone wants to feel the feeling of meeting or express that his or “their” family does not exist. Even couples who can not be together enjoy the night watching the moon at the same time, so it seems that they somehow together. On a mid-autumn night, family members get together to have fun. This year’s mid-autumn holiday is celebrated on October 1, the same day as China’s national holiday. Many people will go to a suitable place to watch the moon in the hope that their desires will come true. We hope that the Moon Festival will bring you luck. At night, whole families walk or have a picnic under the stars, looking at the silver moon and thinking about their relatives and good friends, as well as those who are away from home.