Dog Shelter Sim – The task of the rescue is not only to

The task of the rescue is not only to find homes for the dogs, but also to keep the kennel open: you will need to raise money and attention to run the place, and even improve the shelter, food, and staff. Many generations have judged video games on one key criterion: can you pet a dog? Le Souffle sauvage may have failed, but not for Rescue which goes much further. Le Souffle sauvage is on sale this fall for $19.99, with 20 percent of the proceeds going to real dog shelters, so you can feel even more comfortable with your purchase. All dogs are born in the process, with their own characteristics and preferences, and everyone who comes to the shelter expects something specific from their new canine companion. At this shelter, you can not only pet the dogs, but also take care of them, raise money for them, and try to find them a new home. Edit: In Breath of the Wild, you can also feed the dogs and play with them. That’s why we made this game, it sucks, but it supports dog shelters. Kate wrote for the official Nintendo magazine, GameSpot and Xbox UK, and it’s now available online. She moved to Canada a few years ago, but imports tea from England because she has good priorities. 2021 Nlife Media, a Gamers Network partner. And I love that she helps real dog shelters. We always support our local animal shelters. It’s a great idea for a game. Unfortunately, you can’t pet them, but you can always treat them. That sounds nice. Organized by 44 Bytes.