Appodeal Intelligent Ad – Hypercubal games have experienced

Hypercubal games have experienced unprecedented growth over the past year, and game developers have learned to survive in this rapidly evolving environment. We will take into account your key KPIs such as session duration, number of sessions per day and other parameters to optimize your advertising monetization strategy, increase your revenue and create a successful and profitable hypercubal game. It is difficult to create hyper-contracting games for game developers who are also players. Most mobile game developers have the knowledge and skills to create casual games. However, the hard part for game developers is to adapt their business model and working methods to create truly successful casual games. Great artists or game developers who have fallen in love with their games and do not want to leave behind unprofitable projects are often more difficult to develop hyper-contract games. The high complexity of the increasing percentage of retention has forced some game developers to take a different path and develop ultra-casualistic games. Here lies the real challenge for game developers, and ultimately the question of what will make the monetization of ultra-casualistic games successful. Since hypercommercial games have an audience that intersects with other genres, it’s not uncommon for players who are more familiar with certain types of games to switch to casual or mid-level games. Compared to other mobile applications and more static game genres, this is much harder to notice; hyper-contact games have the potential to evolve. It is very difficult to identify global mechanisms for hyper-contracting games to improve their retention while maintaining high advertising revenues. We often see migration flows from hyper-contracting or sports games to mid-level games with a stronger monetization strategy and a better long-term retention rate. Players who typically play puzzles, arcade games, sports and other genres of mobile games quickly migrate to hyper-casualistic games. This explanation is based on the fact that this is not only a hyper-casual game produced and monetized like any other mobile game. Creators of hyper-cazual games begin to combine the advertising experience with the data of game users – this is great news for people with experience in monetary advertising! Compared with other game genres, you can easily customize your hypercasial name.