Acquired Taste Beggar – Beggar’s chicken comes from the

Beggar’s chicken comes from the city of Hangzhou, and the way it is prepared is secret: it is wrapped in lotus leaves, coated in clay, and cooked in a special oven or over an open fire. What if you also tried spiders, black beetles, centipedes, scorpions or grasshoppers while strolling through a night market in Beijing Some, like the giant tarantula, exist only to be noticed and are not eaten regularly. According to legend, a hungry beggar had a chicken, but no way to cook it. As an ingenious solution, “he” coated it in mud and cooked it over an open fire. It is traditionally stuffed with black sesame or lotus seed paste, red beans, roasted pork, mung beans, dates, and salted duck egg yolk. During durian season in China, you can smell the fruit as soon as you walk into a grocery store. It is mostly consumed because of its supposed health benefits, but it can also be found in sweet drinks or desserts. Some are consumed because of its health benefits, while others are consumed as a delicacy or comfort food. While some people expect all fruits to only taste and smell sweet, durian, also known as the king of fruits, is much more complex. This means that someone likes something that is unlikely to be enjoyed by someone who has not encountered it in a broad sense. After serving, the hard outer surface of the dish is usually cracked open with a hammer.