Spanish Writing Practice – If you have an intermediate or

If you have an intermediate or advanced level of Spanish and your writing talent lags behind, Google Translate can teach you to write like a boss. Not sure if you need to talk to a new person directly on the phone? HelloTalk is designed for today’s social media users: it reads every text message you receive out loud with a standard Spanish accent, so you can feel the natural flow of Spanish even if you never call anyone. Even if you’re not the most naturally gifted writer, writing practice is crucial to your progress in learning Spanish. If you have friends who speak Spanish, enjoy that relationship! Chat on WhatsApp in your spare time and don’t forget to try the microphone icon, which allows you to send short voice recordings to your friends. Let’s say you agree with all these great ideas for daily writing, but still feel intimidated by the task of writing in Spanish. You’ll probably find something interesting to write about and comment on every day. To learn more about learning Spanish on Tumblr, click here. HelloTalk will go so far as to correct grammar and spelling – yay! And if you ever get stuck, just speak or write in English and HelloTalk will handle the perfect Spanish translation. On your computer keyboard, it’s easy: browse the “Keyboard” settings in the Control Panel and change “Input Sources. “There you can choose an international Spanish or American keyboard, depending on your preference. If you are new, or if you are not completely familiar with natural syntax and the use of Spanish, do not go down this path. All the major Internet companies are expanding their presence in the Spanish-speaking world. So you can use BBC, CNN, Vice, BuzzFeed, Vogue, and other popular Spanish news sources. The media is an easy solution if you have friends who speak Spanish and are online. Many students find it difficult to write in Spanish, while in reality we encounter a different “exercise makes perfect” scenario. Cursive writing takes mental processing skills to a whole new level if we take our Spanish writing practice seriously. The most important thing is that you practice Spanish. You will expand your linguistic and cultural horizons by learning Spanish and thus you will learn to see the world through the lens of the Spanish language. If you want to learn the Spanish keyboard and always forget where some keys are, another possibility is to cut small pieces of paper, write Spanish characters and paste them into the appropriate keys.