Academic Coordinator – In fact the term “chī huò” refers

In fact, the term “chī huò” refers to eating as a hobby rather than a profession, and is often a form of self-deception on the part of the offender. Before many people stayed home all day, many people took food for granted; today everyone understands the importance of food, but that does not mean that we cannot enjoy it. If some people enjoy watching others eat, it may be because they feel they are eating and think of food in a new way, as something to share with others. Unfortunately, the “enormous amount” of food eaten, which is often emphasized in “chī bō,” is sometimes misleading: some people regurgitate the food they eat immediately after the show. The significance of this is that in many places it has been and continues to be very difficult for farmers to grow food. It takes a long time to plant food in the spring and harvest it in the fall. We must not forget where our food comes from, and we must teach our children to appreciate everything around them. In such situations, it is sad to see so much food wasted. tā de mèng xiǎng shì chéng wéi yí gè zǒu biàn shì jiè de chī huò. Thank you for signing up for a free eChineseLearning class. Our academic coordinator will contact you within one business day to schedule your free lesson. làng fèi hǎo hɑo de shí wù shì yǒu zuì de.