Academic Coordinator – I would like to thank you for your

I would like to thank you for your support at zuìhǎo and for the support you gave me at yíbùxiǎoxīn for your work. Kàn dào zhāng, wǒ yào xiàopēn le. Jack zai jiǎng le gè xiàohuà jiārénmen dōu dou xiàopēn le. Although this word is an act of spitting with a smile, it has a wide meaning, spacious enough to describe something funny. It’s best not to go on a vaudeville show while eating, if you’re not careful, you’ll laugh until you spit out the food. Ràng ren xiàopēn by xiàohuà. This word can also become an adjective to describe something funny. Jack’s joke in the living room made everyone laugh at this act. I just wanted to laugh until I spit when I was reading this sleeve. It can literally mean you’re spitting something out, or that you’re laughing until you cry. Meanwhile, we sent 11 e-books in Mandarin Chinese to your email address.