English | ABA – If you want your texts to be easier to read

If you want your texts to be easier to read and more eloquent, it is essential that you use the connectors in the right place. More importantly, how does the text improve the use of these links? The connectors make writing smoother, more interesting and easier to understand. If you are not sure how to use the connectors correctly, an online English video courses and the same number of short films. To write well in English, use the connectors you learned in this article. Finally, to indicate that you are adding your personal opinion to a text, you can use one of the following connectors. In the case of paragraphs, using the right links makes the text consistent and harmonious. Below are the English connectors, divided into categories. That is why we have compiled the most commonly used connectors in English in this article. Different types of connectors are used, depending on the logical relationship they create between one set and the other set. If you are writing longer pieces, it may be useful to mark your card with connectors. Text connectors are very useful for paragraph and sentence linking. The following connectors can be used to check the test paragraphs. They finished their study with excellent grades and therefore received many vacancies. They can learn English in an intuitive and natural way that promotes communication without compromising grammatical accuracy.