Hybrid Learning – At this year’s Pearson Spring English

At this year’s Pearson Spring English Days, the first session will focus on the impact of online learning over the past twelve months, focusing on the challenges and benefits for teachers and students. If your enthusiasm for digital learning begins to wane after a year of online learning, you will certainly come away from this session inspired and excited about the possibilities of blended learning. For example, there is also the scenario where students take face-to-face classes, complete independent portions of their learning online, and then find additional opportunities to practice their language skills in their communities. In my upcoming spring plenary, I will present practical ways in which blended learning can work in a variety of teaching and learning situations. Many also have experience teaching blended classrooms that combine face-to-face and online learning separately. Ken has worked in high schools and universities in Asia, the Middle East, and North and South America. He lectures on language teaching and computer-based language instruction from elementary school to university. Kasia will talk about how teachers and students around the world are tackling extended hybrid learning and how we can make it easier and more effective. In this session, Magda will talk about her experience over the past year and share some practical ideas that can help teachers organize online classes to engage their students cognitively and emotionally. Online classes have helped some students keep learning, but others have fallen behind. Therefore, hybrid classroom teachers need to develop new approaches to classroom management, instruction, supervision, and student engagement. This is where “it” introduces the theme of hybrid learning, a key component of this year’s spring conferences. They must ensure that their students, both online and physically, have the best possible learning experience. Since the pandemic began, many teachers have found themselves in the unexpectedly difficult situation of having to lead hybrid classrooms. In this webinar, Jane Bledsoe will explore research with English language learners and teachers, focusing on their motivations and fears about achieving their goals at a time when they cannot be in the classroom. This hands-on webinar will explore activities that work well in a blended learning environment. This session will reveal the secrets of successful distance testing for young students and how a simple, truly engaging test can provide valuable information and help young students, their parents, and their teachers get rid of stress.