Global Online Test – The “Global Online Test Preparation”

The “Global Online Test Preparation” platform offers institutions, schools and teachers flexibility in teaching and learning, which is crucial today. Whether you are a student principal, school administrator, English teacher or language school student, the Global Online Test Preparation platform makes test preparation easier and more flexible. The Global Online Test Preparation Platform is a digital learning space for teachers, students and administrators. You can view GOTP as “an independent digital language school in a box” – just add teachers and students and let the learning journey begin. As a teacher-led product, it is ideal for distance learning, with hundreds of hours of predefined lessons, interactive practical materials and assessments ranging from diagnostic tests to mini-tests and simulations for all exams. Each exam preparation course is taught digitally and can be held in the classroom, in mixed learning situations, or fully online. Distance learning has not been without problems, but teachers, institutions, and publishers have constantly adapted and innovated to make the transition as smooth as possible. It is a unique digital solution for test preparation. This means that teachers and students can be sure that even if more school closures are recommended, it will not hinder students’ progress. The GOTP platform will help you to prepare students for exams. As a 100% digital product, GOTP can be used entirely online, in the classroom or in a mixed configuration. He has worked with Pearson in the US and UK for almost eight years and has experience in sales, marketing and product development at universities. Richelle Zakszewski is Director of Global Campaigns for Pearson English.