SNK Guerrilla War – When not busy paying off Tom Nook’s

When not busy paying off Tom Nook’s loan, Liam enjoys following the latest Nintendo releases and admiring his collection of video games. If you want to know what other Arcade Archives games have been released, check out the full list. I’m skipping another SNK game that’s already in the Anniversary Collection on Switch. The most notable thing about this game is that in Japan, player 1 is Che Guevara and player 2 is Fidel Castro. As we approach the end of February, this week’s Arcade Archives release is called Hamster Guerrilla Warfare. It’s already in the SNK’s 40th Anniversary collection, so yes, it wasn’t necessary. His favorite Nintendo character used to be a guitar-playing dog, but these days he prefers to hang out with Judd the cat. Will you be adding this game to your collection this week? Leave a comment below. 2021 Nlife Media, Gamer Network partner. Along the way, you use powerful weapons such as hand grenades and tanks to destroy every enemy in your path. There’s nothing against this game, but it’s a very weak option. It is also another top-down shooter. The host is 44 bytes.