Tom Clancy ’ – Tom Clancy’s elite team arrives next month

Tom Clancy Elite Team from the iOS App Store and pre-register on Google Play for Android here. If you pre-register or pre-order the Tom Clancy Elite Squad, you will receive a weapon exclusively for Mountain, operator of the Six Rainbow Victories of Tom Clancy. Ubisoft announced the creation of Tom Clancy’s Elite Unit at the launch of E3 last June. Tom Clancy’s elite team will be available worldwide for free on iOS and Android from 27 August. The Tom Clancy Elite Team also presents a multi-capital campaign with a new phase that will open up new soldiers. Tom Clancy’s elite team is a mobile action role-playing game. The game has 70 game characters with weapons and equipment, which you can improve as you build your team. The game was restarted at this weekend’s Ubisoft Forward event and its release date was confirmed. The preliminary registers for the game were posted online and we have not had any real news since then. Some XenForo features were developed by Audentio Design. It offers PvP and Guild Wars for competitive modes. The official website is here.