Live Classes – We also get other great tips from our

We also get other great tips from our community, including great tools to help you engage your students in the online environment. For many online teachers, online pedagogy seems to offer only two options: a conversation with the whole class at once or with individual students. In the conference rooms of Stas and Elena, two Russian teachers, have learned to work with students from a distance. It is always useful to give students the opportunity to practice their English in different target language environments such as restaurants, markets, museums and historical sites. In conference rooms, teachers can also monitor students’ progress remotely and apply individual teaching methods to each group. We decided to contact our international community of teachers to learn how they are coping with the current pandemic and how real-time classroom experience is helping them make the transition to online education. After all, they are a great way to diversify classroom work, provide student-centred learning, and provide invaluable time for conversation. We encourage teachers to try Flipgrid at the end of the project, include it in the CLIL class, or simply use it to include English-speaking students. As early as 2018, Pearson began working with the BBC live, a worldwide project to promote culture and language learning for teenagers. This is a great way to encourage students to consolidate their knowledge and apply it in real life situations. But it’s good to keep the group small so that students can express their opinions in silence. Conference room sessions can be particularly effective for icebreakers, warm-ups and just getting to know each other better. Think of the Paddle as an online booth to share with teachers and students. When your students find a solution, it’s important that teachers help them solve problems. Essentially, they are virtual meeting rooms that allow you to divide your classroom into different classes; then you can move from one room to another at any time to accommodate different groups of students. This allows your students to record and share short videos so that they can reflect, discuss and present what they have learned.