Busuu Conversation – Busuu is a language learning community

Busuu is a language learning community that helps over 100 million people learn languages online. For 17 years, it has been teaching languages online and creating e-learning courses around the world. He is about to begin studying at Oxford University for a master‘s degree in applied linguistics for language teaching. Visit the Busuu blog for tips and advice on language learning, cultural stories and features, company news and descriptions of new products. When you learn English with Busuu, you will be learning more than just theory. The exercise will ask you to lead a conversation in the language you are learning. In this way, you can connect to Busuu’s friendly community of over 100 million learners from the comfort of your own home and be able to communicate in English. Busuu is an app that makes language learning easy for everyone. Learn theoretical “tricks”: vocabulary, grammar, and all the sneaky exceptions to the rule. Produce sentences from scratch and make friends from all over the world without walking through your front door. Practice your conversational skills by interacting with the Busuu native speaker community. I really enjoy your advice and am very interested in being one of those members who learn English. Thank you in advance. He studied philosophy at Edinburgh University, then got “his” TEFL certificate and went to China to teach English. Or, if you already have a friend in Busuu, you could send “him” a message directly. And while you’re home, it might be helpful to practice a little conversation. Kirsten is the director of education in Busuu.