Yasuyuki Oda – The emphasis is on fun not technique:

The emphasis is on fun, not technique: special movement inputs are simplified compared to the King of Fighters series, items can be used from temporary bombs to giant demolition balls, and the game has a new Dream Finish system that guarantees a spectacular finish in every battle. The latest SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy game, released this week for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, brings together a large number of fans from the past SNK in a festive fighting style. The concept of team scrimmage is familiar to most players, but Dream Finish is a new concept. The line-up includes May Shiranui from Fatal Rage, Nakoruru from Samurai’s Sed Down, Shermi from the Fighting King series and even Terry Bogard, whose genre was forcibly copied by a mysterious kidnapper. Since we have already made such a game, we wanted to make sure that SNK Heroines is not just a remake of what it was, but a complete differentiation and a new game in this concept of using female fighters. The reason why this is important is that this is not a traditional wrestling game where you use a lot of combos or try to remember things, but for people who may not be very good at the game. Rather, it is about time: you wait to build a dream goal, then you wait to lower your opponent’s energy level and release “him” at the right moment. Or maybe your game character has spent all “his” energy, so switch to your spare character, that has the dream target, and do it correctly. Of coursee and learn to play, but it’s great for everyone. Characters of the game are transferred by a stranger to a mysterious mansion, and judging by the costumes that are worn by women, the kidnapper clearly has a variety of fetishes. He said that Dream Finish was designed for people who are not very good at combo. Historical mode, vs. mode, survival mode, training mode, online mode, and in online mode you can see other players and gain points in their combo. Soon after the release of “King of Fighters XIV” we decided to launch a new project with popular female characters from the entire CNK library. There was a previous game in Neo Geo Pocket Color with a similar theme – SNK Gals’ Fighters. The only way to win was to finish in style. So even if your opponent’s energy meter is zero, you won’t beat “him” until you use the end of your dreams. After you play King of 14th Fighters, you will know that everyone at the end of the story comes back to life.