| Obra – Learning grammar and establishing grammatical

Learning grammar and establishing grammatical rules are essential tasks in Dictionaries of the First Academic Sentences : the vocabulary defines words; the grammar explains how language elements are combined in texts and analyzes the meaning of these combinations. Written in a simple and transparent way, this basic version is aimed at a wide audience of native Spanish speakers who want to better understand how their language works after their first lessons in elementary and middle school. The New Basic Spanish Grammar, coordinated by Academician Salvador Gutiérrez, was officially launched on September 7, 2011 in a ceremony presided over by Infante Elena and attended by high school students. The new basic grammar of the Spanish language follows an orderly, hierarchical and progressive order of content and explains technical terms with clear definitions. It also highlights normative information from grammatical descriptions and includes a terminological index that indicates where each term is defined and where it appears appropriately. Contains simple examples to help the reader understand the basic features of each construct. It combines these features with explanatory brevity and didactic design–factors that bring the book closer to those who consult it. Like its predecessor, the book combines descriptive and normative aspects while maintaining conceptual and terminological precision.