EVERCADE Retro Games – In the world of digital downloads

In the world of digital downloads, it’s great to have a system where you can buy official physical cartridges, with their cool game boxes and authentic manuals in full color, remember those? The collector in us is excited about the collectible cartridges offered by EVERCADE. When we opened the box and picked up the device, our first impression of the intriguing EVERCADE was that it looks and feels like a much more expensive portable console, not quite like the Nintendo Switch but that console has a much higher price tag. The EVERCADE handheld console was advertised as a system that allowed you to play retro games on physical game cartridges from major game publishers and console platforms. The shoulder buttons weren’t used in any of the games we played, so we can’t comment on their effectiveness in heavy games; either way, they’re pleasant to press, with a nice tactile click. There are now 18 cartridges available for EVERCADE, which you can buy or order in advance – so there’s something for everyone! By the way, we’re looking forward to the Atari Lynx and Data East collections because they’re full of the games we know and love. With an attractive price point for the device and games, EVERCADE offers great value. Because of this key differentiator, we believe EVERCADE stands out in the category of portable devices capable of unofficially emulating unlicensed games. EVERCADE may not be for everyone, but using officially licensed games released on physical media is key. The game save feature is welcome because it gives you a chance to try more challenging retro classic games without having to start from scratch – you don’t feel like you’re cheating. EVERCADE can be played for up to 4 or 5 hours before reloading – we wish it lasted longer. With some major publishers on board, there’s no shortage of game cartridges for EVERCADE, and there will be plenty more to come. Since this news broke in early 2019, EVERCADE has become a very popular device, receiving rave reviews from prominent online publications and great reviews.