Resistencia Indígena | – Fiesta Nacional y Día de España”

Fiesta Nacional y Día de España” is the name chosen by the Spanish government from October 12, 1981 to 1987, when it was again transformed into the current “Fiesta Nacional de España”. For this reason, many Spanish speaking countries in recent decades have changed the name of this festival to emphasize its positive aspects or even elements that have long been ignored. This national holiday is considered a celebration of the struggle of indigenous peoples against foreign invaders and an opportunity to honor the memory of all indigenous peoples who were exterminated during the centuries after Christopher Columbus made a commitment. One reason for using the term “race” is that it refers to the “Ibero-American race”, in other words, the cultural mix of many different peoples on the American continent. However, “Día de la Hispanidad” is still widespread in Guatemala and is even an official name in Guatemala. For their part, Venezuela and Nicaragua decided to pay tribute to the pre-Columbian peoples and emphasize their struggle against European progress on their territory.