Christmas Party – If you want to spend Christmas in an

If you want to spend Christmas in an English-speaking environment, whether on vacation or at work, you don’t have to worry! Use this guide to discuss topics and vocabulary that you can use for informal English conversation at Christmas. As you have already seen, starting and maintaining an English conversation at a Christmas party is not so impossible. Remember that at the end of the conversation it is important to wish your conversation partner a Merry Christmas. The end of the year is fast approaching! Christmas is always an opportunity to communicate with family and friends. Usually one of the first things that happens when you start a conversation with someone you don’t know is that family and friends are involved. It’s not wrong to talk about turkey or Christmas ham and drink like cider and eggnog. This time of year we usually find out what gifts other people are planning or waiting for during the holidays. I usually spend Christmas with my parents and invite friends over for dinner. You can do this with the usual “Merry Christmas” or even “Merry Holidays”. Gifts are definitely an important part of Christmas. These are topics that can help us start an informal conversation or chat room. Don’t forget that at this time of year we can talk about food, gifts and traditions. There is something in the air this time of year that brings us happiness and makes us look forward to sharing that joy with others. Although Christmas has almost become an international holiday, not all places celebrate it equally. In India, Christmas is not a big holiday because most of the country is Hindu. If you are in an Anglo-Saxon context, make sure you know the culinary culture you can expect at this time of year.