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GameIndustry.biz also addressed “directly to 12 sources” who made “various statements” about Judd to resign his position, becoming Vice President of the Digital Development Management Agency and resigning from the Board of Directors of the BitSummit Organizing Committee, JIGA. I had hoped that Devil Engine would see a physical release, I hope that this confusion will be resolved in a positive way. Because Judd was in a position of power, victims did not feel they could “talk” or “ask” him to stop without jeopardizing their own careers, industry opportunities and relationships. To take responsibility and give me the time and space to work on it, I will withdraw from my worries and fragments of silence and say goodbye to my other efforts in the industry. Nayan Ramachandran, co-founder of Dangen, will also cease to be a full-time employee, because his unprofessional behavior and inability to fulfill promises made to developers, even if he remains self-employed and is financially honored. One of the games in this story is Protoculture Games’ Devil Engine ball thrower. However, my point of view remains generally clear – it seems to be a general trend in which unfounded accusations ruin the people who live with them – and obviously I do not regret it so much on this occasion. The first thing I think about when we talk about Phoenix Wright is the ingenious writing, not a random line that someone would have shouted into a new, half-cooked microphone in their basement. That’s basically impossible, even if they attract attention, they’re called crazy or liars because the mainstream media wouldn’t dare touch people with a certain fortune because the police wouldn’t either. It seems to be a more general tendency for people to listen to accusations of sexual assault and immediately sided with sexual predators and accuse the victims. Ben Judd’s name sounds familiar it’s not him who said the famous “it’s better than nothing” about Mighty No. If he doesn’t pay Tom Nook a loan, Liam likes to report the latest Nintendo news and admires his video game library.