ABA Journal – The next time you see a movie or news program

The next time you see a movie or news program or speak English, you can recognize it and even include it in your dictionary. In this English training podcast, you will learn several common English expressions by reading a short text about your home. In this lesson, we offer you a selection of the best English learning podcasts. With our English course, you can improve your level and naturally include these expressions in your conversation. At home, you’ll learn many common English expressions and learn to use words such as “crash”, “trickery” and “multitasking. For example, the famous English saying “When in Rome do as the Romans do” suggests that you should respect the customs of the places you visit. Remember to tango twice: ABA English will share this wonderful lesson with you and join us. For example, in English, the expression “Talking about the devil” is used to indicate that the person you were talking about has just arrived. Listen to the podcast and learn more about these English proverbs. Time is of the essence for everyone, and native English speakers are no exception. You will have to learn many languages during your studies because they are very common in movies, conferences, news and everyday conversations. Listen to this podcast to learn more about this expression and learn other popular languages. There is a clear difference between “home” and “home” in English. There are several languages where the word “team” is used, for example: time, free time, and passing of time. But don’t be afraid, in English it’s not scary.