Brawl Chess Is – Chess Fighting – Gambit binds generations

Chess Fighting – Gambit binds generations inds generations in multiplayer mode, but only one player will attract players of all ages. If the father plays like a ghost and the son like a prince, they can play with these pieces when the chess game is over – but in a fun way! Battle chess looks modern and yet, with all its advantages, it is one of the oldest and most popular games in the world. In this fantastic world, one of the bravest heroes leads “his” chess army to victory. WHY SHOULD YOU PLAY CHESS? Mastery of chess is very useful for the development of children. The fifth one is suitable for chess specialists looking for a serious challenge. Or do you prefer the classic chess? You can always turn your pieces into traditional chess. Your family will love this version of chess. It is a family game, easy to learn and fun. Choose from a mysterious fairy, a dangerous midget, a smart elf, a brave prince and many others. What is it? Arrows fly above your heads, and swords are broken in combat fire. This increases IQ, improves computational power and teaches analytical and critical thinking. Thanks to the style of the cartoon, children can also share the fun. Feel the joyful competition between parents and children? It is possible. The cartoon display makes the game friendly for everyone. The first one is for teaching children.