Horror Experience ‘ – No matter when Happy Game comes out

No matter when Happy Game comes out on iOS, I’m looking forward to the new version of Amanita Design and will play it on whatever device comes out first. Although most of the games were purchased separately, there were also two releases of Amanita Design in Apple Arcade featuring Pilgrims and Squeaks. Amanita Design’s Happy Game was unveiled last night as part of Nintendo Indie World. Happy Game looks great, as you’d expect from Amanita Design. Happy Game is a psychedelic horror game that was revealed for the Nintendo Switch and was confirmed for PC platforms shortly thereafter. Amanita Design’s latest release was Samorost 2, which was released on mobile just in time for “her” birthday. In anticipation of information about Happy Game on mobile platforms, check out the official website here. Grindstone has just been released on Switch after its release on Apple Arcade and is currently getting a physical release. Having a Nintendo version of the Switch also means that there will probably be a physical release, which is always an advantage. We hope to find out if the iOS version is a separate version or the Apple Arcade version shortly before its release. Over the years, Amanita games have converted just fine on all iOS. If you want to try Samorost 2 on your phone, you can buy it here on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android here. Some XenForo features designed by Audentio Design The price is $2.99 on both platforms. Designed by Audentio.