Nightmare Chronicles Definitive – Lydia’s adventures are

Lydia’s adventures are just the beginning. Can “she” survive the chronicle and determine the fate of other survivors? Story Mode: Survive the classic single-player survival horror experience. A classic survival horror game in a single-player directed experience, you must be vigilant to stay alive. Classic mode: a true survival horror classic with limited inventory and deadly enemies. You have limited inventory and must use supply stores to store your equipment for later use. The economy in the game is also very limited, and you will need to find a way to track your progress as you explore. Splash: The Nightmare Chronicles is an experience of relentless survival horror. Death lurks behind every door as you try to survive with limited supplies at your disposal. Scattered and separated from other survivors, “he” takes refuge in a large mansion to escape a ruthless horde. Explore: Search rooms and read magazines to find clues and solve puzzles to survive. Store: Manage your limited supplies by finding and storing items in cache. Battle Mode: Hardcore combat mode where you fight your way out. Explore the mansion, find supplies, and find a way to wake up from this nightmare. As the city burns down and the country is consumed by an epidemic, you are now alone and forced to live with this new reality. Film: Relax in your final moments with still cameras and a beautiful setting. Record theaters in detail and make the right decision about when to fight – or flee – the monsters. Difficulty: Play through a variety of difficulty levels, including One Hit Kill nightmares.